Dixon, California | Dream 96 Turf

We had the pleasure of transforming a beautiful backyard in Dixon, California into a lush green oasis using our premium Dream 96 turf. Our dedicated team supplied and installed this high-quality turf for our valued client. The result is a low-maintenance landscape that will provide years of enjoyment for our client and their family.
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  • dixon-dream96-after
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Flow 75 Forest

Residential client who wanted a safe and sustainable play space for their family. Flow 75 Forest artificial turf was installed, which offers natural beauty and synthetic durability that can withstand heavy foot traffic and play equipment. This resulted in a lush, green lawn that complements the surrounding landscaping.

Platinum Dream

Residential client who wanted to revamp their front yard with a low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing solution. Platinum Dream turf was installed, which offers a realistic look and feel with a soft, plush texture. The end result was a stunning and lush green lawn that elevated the client's home's curb appeal.
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